Same Day Crowns with E4D Technology

Same Day CrownsWith digital E4D technology, you no longer have to play the waiting game. One-day crown technology has revolutionized the way dentists take care of patients who need to replace a damaged tooth with a crown. With computer aided design technology, every patient has their freedom back since there is no second visits or waiting for weeks to get their crown from the lab.




The benefits for you are:

  • You no longer have to wear a temporary crown
  • More convenient and saves time
  • Only one appointment is needed

This exciting new technology is simple and less hassle for dental patients. Your dentist uses a wand to scan the tooth with a computer camera, designs the tooth to the exact size and shape, and then is milled with a high-grade ceramic material all within a 90 minute visit. These crowns produce a very high quality, very durable aesthetic tooth.

Our approach to providing this fast and convenient E4D technology streamlines the process for our patients and gives them the immediate attention they need. We strive to make your visit to the dentist convenient, start to finish.